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Comparing Postsecondary Enrollment and Persistence among Rural and Non-Rural Students in Oregon

Ashley Pierson and Havala Hanson May 2015 LINK College/Career, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, Rural Education Research

Tensions Impacting Student Success in Rural Community College

Karen R. Hlinka, Deronda C. Mobelini, and Terry Glitner 2015 LINK College/Career, Rural Context, Student Demographics

Identifying the Factors that Contribute to Involuntary Departures of School Superintendents in Rural America

Robert J. Tekniepe 2015 LINK Human Capital, Rural Context

Linking Technology Education in Rural Schools in North Carolina

Dr. Daymond A. Dixon and Dr. Linda Stricklin January 2015 LINK College/Career

Limited Access to AP Courses for Students in Smaller and More Isolated Rural School Districts

Douglas Gagnon and Marybeth Mattingly February 2015 LINK College/Career, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons

Participation and Pass Rates for College Preparatory Courses in Kentucky

Christina Mokher March 2014 LINK College/Career, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons

Technology-Delivered Instructional Coaching

Gwen Nugent, et al. October 2014 LINK Rural Education Research, Technology

Kindergarten Children’s Development in Rural and Non-Rural Settings

Susan M. Sheridan, et al. April 2014 LINK Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, Rural Education Research

State of the Science of Teacher Professional Development in Rural Settings: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature

Gina Kunz, et al. October 2014 LINK Rural Education Research

Rural Family-School Partnerships: Bridging Research and Practice

Gina M. Kunz et al. April 10, 2014 LINK Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, Rural Education Research

Online and Distance Learning in Southwest Tennessee: Implementation and Challenges

Laura Holian, et al. November 2014 LINK Rural Education Research, Technology

What Savings Are Produced by Moving to a Four-Day School Week?

Michael Griffith May 2011 LINK Four-Day Week, School Funding, Transportation

4-Day School Week in Idaho

Idaho Department of Education N.D. LINK Four-Day Week, School Funding, Transportation

Does Shortening the School Week Impact Student Performance? Evidence from the Four-Day School Week

D. Mark Anderson and Mary Beth Walker July 2013 LINK Four-Day Week, School Funding, Transportation

The Four-Day School Week: Nine Years Later

Jonathan A. Plucker, Katherine Cierniak, and Molly Chamberlin Fall 2012 LINK Four-Day Week, School Funding, Transportation

The Impact of the Four-Day School Week on Student Achievement

Miranda Giger July 30, 2012 LINK Four-Day Week, School Funding, Transportation

Research Brief: The Four Day School Week

Mike Muir 2013 LINK Four-Day Week, School Funding, Transportation

Research Brief: A Review of the Evidence on the Four-Day School Week

Christine Donis-Keller and David L. Silvernail February 2009 LINK Four-Day Week, School Funding, Transportation

The Four-Day School Week

Kimberly Reeves March 1999 LINK Four-Day Week, School Funding, Transportation

Four-Day School Week in Montana Public Schools

Montana Office of Public Instruction October 2011 LINK Four-Day Week, School Funding, Transportation

The Effects of Increased Learning Time on Student Academic and Nonacademic Outcomes

Yael Kidron and Jim Lindsay June 2014 LINK Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, Rural Education Research

Using Digital Stories to Understand the Lives of Alaska Native Young People

Lisa Wexler, Kristen Elinton, and Aline Gubrium July 2014 LINK Population Change, Rural Context, Student Demographics

Perceptions of Safety by On-Campus Location, Rurality, and Type of Security/Police Force

Robert C. Patton and Dennis E. Gregory July 2014 LINK College/Career, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons

Gearing Up to Teach the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in Rural Northeast Region Schools

Kirk Walters, Aubrey Scheopner Torres, Toni Smith, and Jennifer Ford November 2014 LINK Education Policy, Rural Context, Rural Education Research

The Value of People, Place, and Possibilities: A Multiple Case Study of High School Completion

Kristen Campbell Wilcox, Janet I. Angelis, Linda Baker, Hal A. Lawson October 2014 LINK College/Career, Rural Context

College Enrollment and Persistence in Rural Pennsylvania Schools

Caitlin Howley, Jerry Johnson, Aikaterini Passa, Kazuaki Uekawa October 2014 LINK College/Career, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, Rural Context, Student Demographics

Early Experiences Implementing Voluntary School District Mergers in Vermont

John D. Rogers, Talia J. Glesner, Herman W. Meyers September 2014 LINK Consolidation, Education Policy, Population Change, Rural Context

Urban, Suburban, and Rural Contexts of School Districts and Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies: Rediscovering Equity in Education Policy and Urban Planning

Robert Mark Silverman April 2014 LINK Economic Development, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, Rural Context

The Role of Postsecondary Institutional Urbanicity in College Persistence

P. Johnelle Sparks, Anne-Marie Nuñez September 2014 LINK College/Career, Rural Context

Preparing Special Educators Highly Qualified in Content: Alternate Route Certification for Unlicensed Teachers in Rural Georgia

Amy L. Childre March 2014 LINK Human Capital

Rural-Urban Disparities in School Nursing: Implications for Continuing Education and Rural School Health

Mary M. Ramos, et al. January 2014 LINK Human Capital

The Move to Middle School: Parents’ Expectations and Early Adolescents’ Adjustments in Rural Communities

Jill Hamm, et al. December 2013 LINK Rural Context, Student Demographics

Understanding Experiences of Gifted Education Teachers and Fidelity of Implementation in Rural Schools

Amy Price Azano, et al. May 2014 LINK Human Capital

A New Frontier: Utilizing Charter Schooling to Strengthen Rural Education

Andy Smarick 2014 LINK Charter Schools

Building School-to-Work Systems in Rural America

Hobart L. Harmon 1998 LINK College/Career, Economic Development

Current Challenges and Opportunities in Preparing Rural High School Students for Success in College and Careers: What Federal Policymakers Need to Know

Alliance for Excellent Education 2010 LINK College/Career, Education Policy

A Look at the Condition of Rural Education Research: Setting a Direction for Future Research

Michael L. Arnold, John H. Newman, Barbara B. Gaddy, and Ceri B. Dean 2006 LINK Rural Context, Rural Education Research

Make Rural Schools A Priority: Considerations for Reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act

Jeremy Ayers 2010 LINK Education Policy

The Role of Education: Promoting the Economic and Social Vitality of Rural America

Lionel J. Beaulieu and Robert Gibbs 2005 LINK Books, Economic Development

The “Real World” Aspirations of Work-Bound Rural Students

Beverly Burnell 2003 LINK College/Career

Rural-Nonrural Disparities in Postsecondary Educational Attainment Revisited

Soo-Yong Byun, Judith L. Meece, and Matthew J. Irvin 2012 LINK College/Career, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons

Hollowing out the Middle: The Rural Brain Drain and What it Means for America

Patrick J. Carr and Maria Kefalas 2009 LINK Books, Economic Development, Population Change, Rural Context

Factors Influencing College Aspirations of Rural West Virginia High School Students

Erica Chenoweth and Renee V. Gallihe 2004 LINK College/Career

Willingness to Fund Public Education in a Rural Retirement Destination County

Christopher D. Clark, Dayton. Lambert, William .M. Park, and Michael D. Wilcox 2009 LINK Rural Context, School Funding, Student Demographics

Improving the Yield of Rural Education Research: An Editor’s Swan Song

Theodore Coladarci 2007 LINK Rural Education Research

Attracting and Retaining Teachers in Rural Areas

Timothy Collins 1999 LINK Human Capital

Practical Considerations: Community Context in a Declining Rural Economy and Emerging Adults’ Educational and Occupational Aspirations

Genevieve R. Cox, et al 2013 LINK College/Career, Economic Development

Defining the “Rural” in Rural America

John Cromartie and Shawn Bucholtz 2008 LINK Rural Context

Community Colleges, Budget Cuts and Jobs: The Impact of Community Colleges on Employment Growth in Rural U.S. Counties 1976-2004

Andrew Crookson and Gregory Hooks 2012 LINK College/Career, Economic Development

Grow Your Own and Other Alternative Certification Programs in Rural School Districts

Kimberly Dadisman, Maggie Gravelle, Thomas Farmer, and Robert Petrin 2010 LINK Human Capital

Rural Literacies

Kimberly Donehower, Charlotte Hogg, and Eileen E. Shell 2007 LINK Books, Rural Context

School District Consolidation: The Benefits and Costs

William D. Duncombe and John M. Yinger. 2010 LINK Consolidation, School Funding

Does School District Consolidation Cut Costs?

William D. Duncombe and John Yinger. 2007 LINK Consolidation, School Funding

The State of Education for Native Students

Education Trust 2013 LINK Student Demographics

Driving More Money into the Classroom: The Promise of Shared Services

William D. Eggers, Lisa Snell, Robert Wavra, and Adrian T. Moore. 2005 LINK Consolidation, School Funding

Adequate Yearly Progress in Small Rural Schools and Rural Low-Income Schools

Thomas W. Farmer 2006 LINK Education Policy, Student Demographics

Bringing Broadband to Rural America: Report on Rural Broadband Strategy

Federal Communications Commission 2009 LINK Education Policy, Technology

Public employee quality in a geographic context: A Study of Rural Teachers

Jacob Fowles, et al 2013 LINK Human Capital

Assessing the Enrollment Trends and Financial Impact of Charter Schools on Rural and Non-Rural School Districts in Pennsylvania

Erica Frankenberg et al 2014 LINK Charter Schools, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, School Funding, Student Demographics

Beginning Teachers are More Common in Rural, High-Poverty, and Racially Diverse Schools

Douglas Gagnon and Marybeth J. Mattingly. 2012 LINK Human Capital, Student Demographics

“College Completion and Return Migration among Rural Youth.” In Rural Education and Training in the New Economy

Robert M. Gibbs 1998 LINK Books, College/Career, Population Change

Education as a Rural Development Strategy

Robert M. Gibbs 2005 LINK Economic Development, Rural Context

Work-Based Learning in Rural America: Employer Participation in School-to-Work Programs and Apprenticeships

Gary P. Green 2005 LINK College/Career, Economic Development

“Rural Education and Literacies: An Introduction.” In Rethinking Rural Literacies

Bill Green, and Michael Corbett. 2013 LINK Books, Rural Context

Rural Teacher Recruitment and Retention Practices: A Review of the Research Literature, National Survey of Rural Superintendents, and Case Studies in Virginia

Patricia C. Hammer, Georgia Hughes, Carla McClure, Cynthia Reeves, and Dawn Salgado 2005 LINK Human Capital

Linking School-to-Work and Rural Development

Hobart L. Harmon 2000 LINK College/Career, Economic Development

Rural School Leadership for Collaborative Community Development

Hobart Harmon and Kai A. Schafft 2009 LINK Economic Development, Human Capital

Rural School Busing

Aimee Howley and Craig Howley 2001 LINK Transportation

Stretching to Survive: District Autonomy in an Age of Dwindling Resources

Aimee Howley et al 2012 LINK Consolidation, School Funding

Broadband and Rural Education: An Examination of the Challenges, Opportunities, and Support Structures that Impact Broadband and Rural Education

Caitlin Howley, Kellie Kim, and Stephen Kane 2012 LINK Technology

Riding the School Bus: A Comparison of the Rural and Suburban Experience in Five States

Craig B. Howley, Aimee A. Howley, and Steven Shamblen. 2001 LINK Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, Transportation

Consolidation of Schools and Districts: What the Research Says and What it Means

Craig Howley, Jerry Johnson, and Jennifer Petrie 2011 LINK Consolidation

Compounding Disadvantage: The Effects of School and District Size on Student Achievement in West Virginia

Craig B. Howley, Aimee A. Howley, and Steven Shamblen. 1996 LINK Consolidation

Outmigration among Rural High School Graduates: The Effect of Academic and Vocational Programs

Gary G. Huang, Stanley Weng, Fan Zhang, and Michael P. Cohen 1997 LINK College/Career, Population Change

Placism in NCLB—How Rural Children are Left Behind

Lorna Jimerson 2005 LINK Education Policy

The Competitive Disadvantage: Teacher Compensation in Rural America”

Lorna Jimerson 2003 LINK Human Capital, School Funding

Why Rural Matters 2013-14

Jerry Johnson, Robert Klein, Christine Lester, and Daniel Showalter. 2014 LINK Education Policy, School Funding, Student Demographics

Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Rural America

Mary Kusler and Noelle Ellerson 2009 LINK Human Capital

Challenges and Changes Faced by Rural Superintendents

M.L. Lamkin 2006 LINK Human Capital

Do Schools in Rural and Nonrural Districts Allocate Resources Differently? An Analysis of Spending and Staffing Patterns in the West Region States

Jesse Levin, et al 2011 LINK Human Capital, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, School Funding

What Does a School Mean to a Community? Assessing the Social and Economic Benefits of Schools to Rural Villages in New York

Thomas A. Lyson 2002 LINK Rural Context

“The Golden Cage of Rural College Access: How Higher Education Can Respond to the Rural Life.” In Rural Education for the Twenty-First Century: Identity, Place and Community in a Globalizing World

Patricia M. McDonough, R. Everly Gildersleeve, and Karen M. Jarsky. 2010 LINK Books, College/Career

Valuing place: Understanding the Role of Community Amenities in Rural Teacher Labor Markets

Luke C. Miller 2008 LINK Human Capital

Feasibility of School District Services Consolidation

Rakesh Mohan 2009 LINK Consolidation

Creating Highly Qualified Teachers: Maximizing University Resources to Provide Professional Development in Rural Areas

Dawn L. Mollenkopf 2009 LINK Human Capital

Recruiting and Retaining High-Quality Teachers in Rural Areas

David H. Monk 2007 LINK Human Capital

Education in the Rural South: Policy Issues and Research Needs

David Mulkey 1993 LINK Education Policy, Rural Education Research

The Forgotten Fifth: Child Poverty in Rural America

William O'Hare 2009 LINK Rural Context, Student Demographics

Educational Sorting and Residential Aspirations among Rural High School Students: What are the Contributions of Schools and Educators to the Rural Brain Drain?

Robert Petrin, Kai A. Schafft, and Judith Meece 2014 LINK College/Career, Population Change

Making Rural Education Work for Our Children and Our Future

Rural Education National Forum and Battelle for Kids 2014 LINK Education Policy, Rural Education Research

Title I Grants Skewed toward Largest Districts: Per Pupil Funding Varies Sharply by District Size

Rural School and Community Trust 2007 LINK Education Policy, Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, School Funding

Bringing the Community Along: A Case Study of a School District’s Information Technology Rural Development Initiative

Kai A. Schafft, Theodore R. Alter, and Jeffrey C. Bridger 2006 LINK Technology

“Education and Schooling in Rural America.” In Rural America in a Globalizing World: Problems and Prospects for the 2010s

Kai A. Schafft, and Catharine Biddle 2014 LINK Books

How are Rural Districts Meeting the Teacher Quality Requirements of No Child Left Behind

Terri Duggan Schwartzbeck, Cynthia D. Prince, Doris Redfield, Helen Morris, and Patricia Cahape Hammer. 2003 LINK Economic Development, Human Capital

Family-School Connections in Rural Educational Settings: A Systemic Review of the Empirical Literature

Carrie A. Semke, and Susan M. Sheridan. 2012 LINK Rural Education Research

Beyond City Limits: Expanding Public Charter Schools in Rural America

David Stuit and Sy Doan 2012 LINK Charter Schools

The Rural Solution: How Community Schools Can Reinvigorate Rural Education

Doris Terry Williams 2010 LINK Rural Context

Economies of Scale and Rural Schools

Robert J. Tholkes and Charles H. Sederberg 1990 LINK Consolidation, School Funding

Broadband Availability: Beyond the Rural/Urban Divide

U.S. Department of Commerce 2013 LINK Nonrural - Rural Comparisons, Technology

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